kelley abbey



the '80s

In the '80s Kelley worked as a freelance commercial dancer with Don't Ask
, Electric Legs and Gimme Five ... and danced everywhere! She also appeared in the movie Rebel, starring Debra Byrne and Matt Dillon, and in the Dirty Dancing concert tour of Australia.

kelley says

When I first came to Sydney I did as many classes as I could.

Eventually I landed my first job in a film called Rebel for Ross Coleman. This led to a succession of commercial gigs. I was doing as many as 4-5 gigs a day in countless TV shows, commercials, music videos, films and dance groups.

This was the era of Fame and Flashdance and Dance was very in fashion to use for promotion, entertainment and advertising. The 80's saw me being a regular Tony Bartuccio dancer for the Mike Walsh Tonight Show, a regular member of the Don't Ask Questions dance group for Jane Beckett, and a member of the Electric Legs dance group for David Atkins.

I worked with many great choreographers and was also sent to China on a government cultural exchange to teach and demonstrate western dance to communist China assisting Ross Coleman. My work also took me to places like India and Africa.

This was an abundant time for me as a dancer and I have many fond memories of body rolling and dancin my butt off with great performers like Roy Dudley, Jacqui Howard and William A Forsythe. This was when I established my long running working relationship with David Atkins as he was developing his first show Dancin' Man.

Kelley with William A Forsythe, Aleeta Northy and Roy Dudley

Kelley Performing at the Logies with Carrie Green, Roy Dudley and Louie George



Don't Ask Questions

I had coffee with the DAQ dancers: Aleeta, Glen, Roula, Kelley and Harry. Also present were incoming dancers Kevin and Michael, who will replace Glen and Roula, cast in CATS. Collectively they are a boisterously humorous bunch of dancers far removed from their heavy-weather stage image.
DAQ members regard Jane (Beckett) as a good choreo, mindful of the bodies in her care.
KELLEY: "If you feel a movement is going to hurt you, Jane will find another way around it to suit you... or won't ask you to do it. She tries everything on herself first. I've worked with choreos who've made me do a movement, even if it's hurt and is dangerous - like a lift, say, where the choreo hasn't really worked out how you are going to hang onto your partner. You can't respect a person like that."
Kelley should know; she was recently dropped on her head (to a concrete floor) while working on a TV show.
The Drum Media - 1985

Likely lads and lasses on stage

Kelley Abbey and Roy Dudley have a hot, slick dance act.
Both are accomplished professional dancers and have worked on stage and television variety shows, Logie Awards, commercials, video clips and toured Australia with the musical Dancin' Man. They work together to choreograph the routines.
World Expo 88 Brisbane