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Kelley sang and danced at the opening of the Crown Casino in Melbourne, the Olympic Stadium in Sydney, and at the AFL Centenary Grand Final, she has also performed at awards shows such as the Logies and the AFIs. You've seen Kelley on just about every variety television show:
In Melbourne Tonight
Up Close & Personal with Ray Martin
Hey Hey It's Saturday
Good Morning Australia
(love Bert!)
Monday to Friday
The Afternoon Show
Roy & HG's Club Buggery

She's also done the fun stuff... been a judge on Red Faces, a contestant on All Star Squares, and an all singing, all dancing prize girl on Sale of the Century!

kelley says

I have made many appearances on television and stage throughout my career, from being a Tony Bartuccio dancer on the Mike Walsh Show, to a singer on the Opening of the Olympic Stadium, to a TV presenter on Foxtel's Music Country video show.

I think I have danced on every variety show that has existed since the 80's, either supporting the singer or eventually being the singer or promoting the show that I was in at the time.

I have appeared in the TV Week Logie awards as a dancer many times, and eventually was in the audience as an actor from E Street, followed by being a featured solo performer on the Logie stage from my E Street profile. It was more recently that I actually choreographed the Logie Awards and feel that I have come full circle.

One of my most memorable appearances was singing at the AFL Grand Final at the MCG in front of 98,000 people. This was right after Sweet Charity in '97, and I had to sing 5 songs in front of one of the largest audiences I had ever been in front of .... excluding the millions of people watching on television at home. It was such an incredible buzz and a feeling I shall never forget.

I have also made lots of one off appearances on stage for awards and the like. I still really love to be involved in making performing appearances for AIDS Charity benefits like the Hats Off concerts. It is great fun getting together with other performers to raise money for a good cause.

Appearing on 'Up Close and Personal' with Ray Martin

Performing at the opening of Crown Casino in Melbourne