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the australian youth ballet company
The Australian Youth Ballet Company was the premier youth performance company in Australia, performing full-length ballets for theatre and television in Australia and overseas. The productions and costuming were so outstanding that it warranted an exhibition, Dancing by Design, at the Queensland Performing Arts Museum in 2002.

kelley says

I spent 5 years with this company from 12-17yrs of age. It was based in Brisbane and toured nationally and internationally in theatres throughout the UK.

I have such great memories of this time. Some of the other performers in this youth company I still work with today in the world of musical theatre!

The artistic director was Inara Svalbe who was an incredibly talented woman. Inara was a mentor for me alongside my dance teacher Sandra Breen. These two women inspired and guided me to pursue a career in dance and displayed such professionalism, passion, discipline, and committment. I am eternally grateful to them for what they taught me.

I studied Ballet, Jazz, and Tap with Sandra and took my Ballet to it's fullest potential by being a principal performer in the Company. I seriously did consider pursuing a life as a 'Betty Ballerina' but I was too attached to the styles and sounds of Jazz and Tap that I had studied since I was four.

I moved to Sydney at 17 and the rest is history...

Kelley performing a feature role in "Degas"



First Nighter's bursary to dancer
A foundation member of the Australian Youth Ballet has received the Gallery First Nighter's Club of Brisbane annual bursary.
Kelley Abbey, 15, who joined the Youth Ballet Company when it began in Brisbane four years ago, is the first dancer to receive the bursary awarded to the performing and associated arts.
The Courier Mail - 11 February 1982

Youth Ballet's formula for success
Cydalise ... concerns a beautiful ballerina (Kelley Abbey), nymphs and satyrs, cupids and sorcerers, maids and men.
It is not AYBC policy to promote stars, but Kelley Abbey who dances the role of Cydalise has been with the company since its inception five years ago. She went to Scotland with the company in 1980 and her dancing shows a maturity and professionalism which such experience brings.
The Courier Mail - 1985

Dancing to the future
The title role of Cydalise was danced on the opening night by Kelley Abbey. She danced the role beautifully.
The Courier Mail - 1985

Cydalise an extravaganza
Kelley Abbey
in the title role was singularly good with very elegant line.
The Courier Mail - 1985