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grease - the arena spectacular

After storming the country with Kelley as assistant choreographer seven years prior, Grease the Arena Spectacular returned to an excited Australian audience in 2005, this time the stunning production was choreographed entirely by Kelley.

kelley says

I was asked to choreograph Grease in the Arena in 2005 by John Frost and SEL.
I worked on their earlier Grease assisting Ross Coleman and the  English director David Gilmore and playing Rizzo for a few weeks on the tour as well. This time I was choreographing a new arena version of the show, again being directed by David Gilmore.

I had a great time on this show and the cast was a very social and fun group of people. They would have dress up days at rehearsal. For example they would have camouflage day and 80’s day where everyone would committ to the said theme and carry out their rehearsal with absolute dedication to the 50’s characters they were playing!

I got to work with the fabulously talented Craig McLachlan again and also with the legendary John Farnham!

This show is such a cult piece of our pop culture and I really wanted to get it right. The dancers worked really hard and were exhausted by how big you have to push your energy in an Arena show. My assistants Leanne Cherny and Simon Lind were a great help.

It was a great challenge to choreograph in the round and so much fun to bring to life a piece where everyone  knows the story and the dialogue and the music and just wants the musical production numbers to carry them through the memory of what they know as ... ”Grease is the Word.”

grease the arena spectacular
Grease the Arena Spectacular
Leanne Cherney, Simon Lind & Kelley Abbey
Camoflauge themed rehearsal day
[Simon always won best dressed on theme days!]



kelley abbey Doo-wop and hip-hop rock Rydell High

Adelaide is still hopelessly devoted to Grease. Bigger is better in every sense of this arena version. But it's the songs, Kelley Abbey's energetic choreography - which sees the greaser boys mixing doo-wop with hip-hop moves - and technicolor costumes that make the show live up to the 'spectacular' part of its title.
The Advertiser - 2 June 2005

kelley abbey Grease still slick as ever

Grease's songs, of course, together with high energy dancing by the colourful ensemble of 30 [choreographer Kelley Abbey] kep everything bouncing along.

It's all golly-gosh teeny-bopper good fun.
The Manly Daily - 13 May 2005

kelley abbey Greased lightning strikes

Kelley Abbey's energy packed choreography fills the arena with stunning colour and movement. Grease will always be the word.
Sunday Mail - 5 June 2005

kelley abbey Bombastic fun for young and old

Grease is the title, but "big" is the word for this stadium-scaled version of the enduring musical.

Dance routines for the whole company are a flourish of energy and colour.
The Age - 19 May 2005

kelley abbey Big night for idol worship

This crowd pleasing adaptation of the 1971 musical and 1978 movie, was full of energy, slick performances, wit and performers who were clearly at home in their roles.

The revolving stage was lit up with spectacular costumes and filled with the movements of the all-singing, all-dancing ensemble supporting cast.
The Daily Telegraph - 10 May 2005

kelley abbey Worshipping at the feet of Danny and Sandy

This is more of a celebration than a production and Grease is being worshipped. The large, vocally strong company energetically performed Kelley Abbey's period choreography.
The Sydney Morning Herald - 9 May 2005

kelley abbey Grease spectacular

It's slick, it bops and, after 30 years, it's still pulling in the mums and dads, as well as a new generation of '50s rock 'n' roll devotees. The Aussie production, Grease - The Arena Spectacular, which opens at Rod Laver Arena tonight brings the hot chrome cars, greasy burgers and oily coif hairdos of Rydell High back to the stage.
The Age - 17 May 2005