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Kelley has been choreographing video clips and concert tours for pop artists since the early '90s, and has set the moves for over 20 music videos! Kelley choreographed for Human Nature from their very first video clip Got It Goin' On in 1996 to their Here & Now concert tour in 2002 and everything in between. She also appeared on the second Popstars TV series as choreographer to Scandal'us.

Learn to move like a popstar with Kelley's Groovy moves

kelley says

I have loved working with pop acts over the years, developing their moves and looks and creating their video clips and concert live performances.

I especially love the challenge of working with some singers that have never moved before and developing them to look like a marketable product.

I have always loved traditional musical theatre dance and old movie musical dance but I also have a great passion for what is contemporary, funky and hip. I continuously watch music videos to keep abreast of what is happening and love a good Pop dance song!

Some of the singers I have worked with are: Girlfriend, Toni Pearon, Tina Arena, Laura Vasquez, Human Nature, Leah Haywood, Scandal'us, and Sophie Monk.

The act that I have done the most work with and have the longest working relationship with is the four boys of Human Nature.

Andrew, Mike, Toby and Phil are truly professional and hard working guys, that are always seeking a way to be even better and are great fun to work with.

When we first met they had just signed a deal with Sony and were transforming from the 4-trax a cabaret barbershop quartet to a contemporary pop act. I was responsible for creating their movement, choreography and style.

The highlight of working with them, apart from doing all their clips was creating their concert tours... I choreographed their concerts as the support act for the Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Celine Dion tours. This was so exciting working with them on this level.

My favourite thing I have done with them would be their 2001 performance on the opening of the TV Week Logie awards. We staged a performance of their hit single "He Don't Love You" with 6 amazing male dancers supporting them.

I always love a video shoot when you continuously hear the single on playback all day and are working to achieve perfection frame by frame on film. I also love to get involved with the editing process to capture the frames of the choreography and splice them together to make a dynamic clip.

I even travelled to Bali to shoot a specific clip for Human Nature. We needed to get permission from the River chief and present him with Holy water to be blessed in order to be able to shoot the boys dancing on the rocks of a sacred river. Mustn't upset the river spirits!!! Maybe I should have considered "Spirit Fingers?"

Human Nature Live concert performance

Kelley with the girls from Girlfriend


TV Hits was the only magazine allowed on the set of the video shoot for
Me, Myself and I, the hot debut single by Scandal'us.
With choreography by one of Australia's top dancers, Kelley Abbey,
and a scorching look, this clip has blown viewers away. We asked Anna, Daniela, Tamara, Simon and Jason what making a film clip was like!

Kelley Abbey is fantastic, even to hang out with.
She doesn't try to make us do anything we wouldn't be comfortable with
or we would look wrong doing. She took the time to get to know our personalities.
TV Hits Magazine - June 2001


As for the way Girlfriend moves - an absolutely critical ingredient of '90s success - that has been the responsibility of Kelley Abbey.
Kelley is best known as Jo Jo on Network Ten's E Street. But until now she has been primarily a dancer and choreographer.
She began at the age of four. By the age of 12, she was part of a classical dance company and toured England. Until recently she exploited the lucrative world of choreographed commercials. In fact, that's where she met Girlfriend - together they did the Slip-Slop-Slap anti-cancer ads. Now Girlfriend has a record out and is about to be heaved on to the over-crowded music market.
"I used to teach some of them when they were younger," Kelley says. "And I've been working on them as a group since last year."
Girlfriend will be the last intensive choreographing Kelley will do for some time. "It's difficult fitting it in with the demands of E Street," she admits.

Kelley changes direction

Former E Street star Kelley Abbey has snuck around to the other side of the camera to take a seat in the director's chair. Abbey, who was forced to look for extra work when the ailing soapie was axed earlier this year, has just finished co-directing the latest video clip for teen pop sensation Girlfriend.
The 27 year old actess cum singer has been dancing since she was four and while she has choreographed for the all-girl band since they leapt on to the music scene 18 months ago, she has only recently taken to peering through the oval lens.
Speaking after returning from Tokyo where Girlfriend completed a promotional and recording shoot, Abbey said she had just finished a clip for the girls' latest single, Wishing on the Same Star.
She counted her previous attempt at directing, done with the help of close friend Ross Wood, as one of her most successful projects to date.
"We've done something quite innovative with the Heartbeat clip by filming the first three-quarters with just one camera," Abbey said. "Instead of cutting away from the dancers most of the clip is done in one continuous shot. People like Fred Astaire always insisted on being shot in the same way, from head to toe - it's the old style and it works. The clip relies heavily on dance and I think we've done it very successfully ... all in one day in dirty old Leichhardt Town Hall."