kelley abbey




Aswell as major musical theatre productions, Kelley choreographed The Main Event concert tour, the stage shows Follies and Slice of Saturday Night, and many award shows.

kelley says

I was so nervous about being appointed the staging director of the Main Event.

I was so in awe of these three stars......John Farnham, Olivia Newton John, and Anthony Warlow. They have to be the nicest and most down to earth three stars you could ever meet.

The Main Event was a huge success and I ended up touring with the show as it went on the road.

John Farnham has a dirty joke for every occassion, the cheeky thing, Olivia is just as beautiful inside as she is out, and Anthony is one of the best mimics of characters that I have ever met. They were a complete joy to work with.

I remember talking to Olivia in her dressing room when she took a leather jacket off a hanger and told me to try it on. As I was looking in the mirror she told me this was the very jacket that she wore in Grease on the shake shack in You're the One That I Want from the movie. I completely plotzed!!!!!

I choreographed and was the staging director for a concert production of the musical Follies.

It was performed at the Opera House and was filled with a cast of every seasoned performer I had looked upto for years. Toni Lamond, Judy Conelli, Nancye Hayes, Sheila Bradley ...the list goes on.

It was the highlight when I was put in a room with Nancye Hayes [who played Charity 30 years before me] to create the number I'm Just a Broadway Baby. She is such a glamorous and talented lady with the best legs in the biz. I was honoured to have worked with her.

John Farnham, Olivia Newton John and Anthony Warlow in The Main Event

Kelley with Nancye Hayes


Three of a kind

What talent, what energy. What a show!
This is a phenomenal entertainment that should go down as one of the great music packages of the decade.
John Farnham, Olivia Newton John and Anthony Warlow cover a lot of ground ...
Duets and medley trios seemed to come non-stop, often with lashings of comedy and all beautifully captured with choreography by Kelley Abbey.
The Australian - 30 October 1998